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Tips for Job Seekers and Hiring Managers

General Tips for those looking for a job in Atlanta's I.T. Market

Maintain a high confidence level.  As market conditions change, there are always periods of time which prompt some job seekers to adapt an “I will take anything” outlook.  In the end, this does not serve anyone’s best interest.  Always remember that it is better to wait for the right opportunity than to accept the wrong one. 

Do your research.  There are many tools available now for job seekers.  Google prospective companies and read not only what they say about themselves on their website, but also what others are saying about them.  Use LinkedIn to locate potential resources in your network.  If at all possible, speak to a current or former employee at the perspective company and get their opinion. 

Take the time to evaluate what you are really looking for in your next opportunity.  What is most important to you?  Commute? Responsibilities? Money?  Do you really want a permanent, long-term role or are your skills and personality better suited for contract work?